Yaakov Gluck

Founder, Partner and CEO

The Contractor’s Office is the brainchild of Yaakov, who founded the company in 2016. Having worked in the finance industry since 2010, he realized that he is only helping the rich get richer. Out of his desire to help more people with the skills that he has, he established the company to provide reliable and cost-efficient bookkeeping services.

As the company name suggests, he started the business with a focus on contractors, after seeing firsthand the struggles of his brother to get the finance-side of his landscaping business on track while running the operations. With his newfound passion for helping his business clients grow, he eventually expanded out of this niche to cater to small businesses in other sectors. He also went beyond bookkeeping to offer additional services such as accounting, tax, and virtual office solutions. Currently, The Contractor’s Office has a stable clientele in the food and beverage, education, non-profit, and retail industries.